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Will you feel that it is really not convenient when the remote controller of your TV is broken and you have to come near to it to turn off the TV? The answer is of course yes for most people, and the best method is to gain a new remote control for the TV. This is also the same when the remote controller or a mobile phone jammer is broken and that is why this Adjustable Remote Controlled 3G Mobile Phone Jammer Remote Controller here is being introduced.

If you own the Power Adjustable Remote Control Mobile Phone Jammer + 60 Meters(JASM135003) and the remote controlof it is broken, and right here get this remote control for 3g mobile phone jammer that only suitable for this jammer then your problem can be easily solved and you can turn on and turn off your jammer in a easy way.

But pay attention this mobile phone jammer remote controller is only suitable for the Power Adjustable Remote Control Mobile Phone Jammer + 60 Meters(JASM135003), so before buying make sure that you have chosen the right type mobile phone jammer remote control.


  • Remote Control for Power Adjustable Remote Control Mobile Phone Jammer + 60 Meters(JASM135003)


  • Cell Phone Jammer Remote Control



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