Buy TSJ-UAV6067EPS External for Supply Battery UAV Drone TSJ-UAV6067 wPrrJbtwtJ for ebay.

  • Buy TSJ-UAV6067EPS External for Supply Battery UAV Drone TSJ-UAV6067 wPrrJbtwtJ for ebay

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Product Description

This is an external battery power supply for our 260W total output TSJ-UAV6067 counter drone defense system.


1    Voltage    27V
2    Internal Resistance    24m Ω
3    Size    43cm[L]x24cm[W]x34cm[H]
4    Recharge    0.2C
5    Discharge    1C
6    Weight    26Kg
7    DC Charger     INPUT: AC 110V or 220V, OUTPUT: 29.2V/10A DC

Increase the operational time of your TSJ-UAV6067 for additional drone security coverage.

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